Four years ago we started AgLocal with a simple premise. That premise being that the most important thing we do every single day is to eat. Yet, our food system, the most important enabler, is broken! The most dysfunctional part being in particular being the production of meat. In the current system everyone loses. The conscious consumers and committed independent family farmers who find themselves competing at a disadvantage. Millions of consumers now understand these issues more and more and as a response are attempting to access independent producers from their local area or region on their own. Due to there being no uniform body and trusted place that can verify and handle commerce and delivery, this yields mixed results. This is where AgLocal came in.

With AgLocal we saw (and still do see) the internet as the most efficient way to connect people and build marketplaces. Four years ago a group of fairly brave food lovers joined forces to try and reimagine the world the way it used to be, and as a result AgLocal was born. A marketplace that would eventually connect consumers to the farms around them. Simple, communal, healthy.

We’ve had a blast. We’ve partnered with hundreds of farms across the country to tell the world the very human story of their work. We’ve built lifelong friendships with the families that support themselves via farming. We’ve also had the pleasure to serve many families across the country with better product. Our boxes, carrying our logo with pride have been seen in front of many doors, the meats inside, seen in many a social media post and on many a dinner table. We have great pride in this accomplishment.

Though we believe this mission to be a worthwhile endeavor we regretfully cannot be the company to fulfill its promise as we have decided today to close the doors of AgLocal. The reason we’re closing is a familiar story. We weren’t able to reach our goals of becoming a business that can operate in a self sustaining manner. As such, all sales will be suspended immediately on our website. All orders that have already been completed will be fulfilled in a normal fashion.


Independent family farms

  • AgLocal purchases directly from independent, family-owned farms
  • Serves as a sales, marketing, and distribution channel for the farm
  • Helps family farms compete against industrial agriculture


Happier Animals

  • Pasture-raised animals roam freely and eat a natural diet
  • Factory-raised animals are treated with antibiotics in a confined, high-stress environment
  • Pasture-raised livestock require less fossil fuel and generate less pollution


Healthier Meat

  • More protein and vitamins A and E than conventional meat
  • More omega-3 fats which lowers risk of chronic diseases
  • Less calories and saturated fat than factory-farmed meat

Our farms are our family

Through personal relationships with our farms, we work together
to develop sustainable, accessible food sources.

Growing with AgLocal provides us with access to new sales and marketing resources that will help our ranch be competitive. To find people that have the ability to tell our story is powerful for us. It lets us continue to stay on the farm, doing what we love.

We are not trying to maximize production per acre. It’s not about that. It’s about being more sustainable and more conservative. A happy benefit is that it’s the right thing to do for the land too.


Thank you:

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